>>Megan Vaughan is a writer, zinemaker and researcher currently based in Essex.

>>Right now she’s a PhD student at Royal Holloway University, researching ‘outsider’ theatre criticism.


>>Her theatre blog, Synonyms for Churlish, was most active from 2011 – 2016, but still continues sporadically here.

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>>Interests (academic or otherwise) include: plays, live art, creative response, collective response, online community, internet culture, affect and experience, the fan, the amateur, the activist… and how all of that relates to contemporary critical culture and practice.

>>A new book examining the practices of the theatre blogosphere, Theatre Blogging: the Emergence of a Critical Culture, will be published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama in 2019.

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>>Not that theatre criticism’s a competition or anything, but if it was, I think Megan Vaughan would have us all beat. [Andrew Haydon]

>>This may prove to be the next stage in criticism and the death knell of the human race. [Some guy at a conference.]



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