>>Synonyms for Churlish

>>Synonyms for Churlish is my blog, started in 2008. Before then, I had used MySpace. #RIP đŸ˜Ș

>>What began as a mix of books, music, and general thoughts on life soon started to focus more closely on theatre and art, documenting my developing knowledge, changing tastes, and critical experiments.

>>The blog has been widely cited as an example of innovation in contemporary theatre criticism and, in particular, the opportunities afforded by reviewing online.

>>It is so delightful and witty and smart and also incisive. [Dan Rebellato]

>>Far and away the best chronicler of what’s turning into an extraordinary year for British theatre. [Andrew Haydon]

>>Until recently, … even the most imaginative critic had neither the technical capacity nor the publishing opportunity to express themselves as creatively as Vaughan did. [Mark Fisher, How To Write About Theatre]


>>Posts from 2008 – 2016 can be found on >>TUMBLR>>

>>Posts from 2016 onwards can be found on >>MEDIUM>>