>>Savage Tongues


>>Savage Tongues was made in response to Christopher Brett Bailey’s “prime slice of surrealist trash” This Is How We Die, after Simon Bowes and I noticed that A) it wasn’t just us that loved it, B) people wanted to talk about it – a lot, and C) several had already been compelled to respond to the show creatively.

>>It felt like a community was forming around This Is How We Die, however transient, and we wanted to amplify those voices, to encourage them and to encourage Chris (as well as selfishly extend our own opportunity to display public adoration).

>>Following a call-out, we received drawings, photographs, collages, poetry, comic strips, essays, playlists, criticism, short stories and a recipe. Zines were available for free, and we encouraged recipients to make and distribute their own copies.


>>And, of course, we sent one to Chris.


    Simon Bowes
    Megan Vaughan


    Billy Barrett
    John Boursnell
    Josh Coates
    Robert Daniels
    Amanda Fawcett
    Sue Gyford
    Oliver Higgins
    Fabienne Jacquet
    Annegret Maerten
    Eve Nicol
    Kate O’Connor
    Stewart Pringle
    T.J. Robbins
    Lizzy Stewart
    Jessie Thompson
    James Varney
    Ric Watts
    Andrew Wilford

  • >>DATE

    July 2015