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The Site was a project created by Chloe Lamford for the Royal Court. Rather than designing a space to fit the needs of a new play, Chloe created an environment for 5 writers to write for/to/from.

The team working on The Site – Chloe, Lucy Morrison, plus the 5 writers and their casts – let me sit in on rehearsals to blog about what I saw while I was there.

This is what I wrote:

1: in which I visit the space for the first time to see Stacey Gregg workshopping scenes for Lights Out

2: in which I kinda miss the point of Deborah Pearson’s It’s All Made Up and instead start obsessing about how fish have sex

3: in which I create Fake News about B.S. by Nathaniel Martello-White

4: in which I talk about dreams, and Beckett, and reflect on the whole thing

  • >>FOR

    Royal Court Theatre

  • >>DATE

    May-June 2017