>>Fan Riot>>Biblical Deathfic

for a project by OWEN G. PARRY

>>Fan Riot is a project by Owen G. Parry, looking at the creative outputs of fan communities.

>>In September 2015 I took part in a workshop on Live Art fandom run by Owen, in which I shipped Christopher Brett Bailey with Christian Slater’s character in Heathers, JD, developing a short piece of deathfic about the pairing.

>>In it, the two Chrises – shape-shifting twins, all-powerful agents of god – inhabit an ancient biblical landscape marked by rock and sand. They become locked in a battle that ends their lives, and the world. There is lots of guitar.

>>Following the workshop, my deathfic was included in Owen’s Live Art Fan Riot zine, and I read a slightly more developed draft at his fanclub, Live!Art Bodslash Lemoncrit Partytime.


    Owen G. Parry

  • >>DATE

    Sept - Oct 2015