>>a fanzine about the life and works of Michael Billington

>>Michael Billington has been theatre critic at The Guardian since October 1971. His heart and brain now exist within an entirely bionic reviewing machine, an engineered shell which provides vital life support and the means of transportation to a selection of ‘quality’ London theatres.

>>This fanzine opens a window into the life of this cutting edge – almost supernatural – cyborg, the BILLINGTRON 5000, accompanied by thoughts, reflections and creative responses to its human predecessor.


    Megan Vaughan


    Eve Allin
    Florence Bell
    Millicent Billington
    Josh Coates
    Maddy Costa
    Axel W. Fist
    Tessie Johnson
    Morgan LM
    Tom Martin
    Tim Norwood
    Dan Thompson
    Timothy Thornton
    James Varney
    Gareth Vile

  • >>DATE

    Summer 2017